Thursday, 27 October 2016

Review of Foundations and Moisturizers for Oily-Combination Skin

The Good and The Not So Good...

I rarely post about negative experiences with products, but I was so frustrated with a couple of them that before I decided to toss them in the garbage, I thought I would share my experiences with them. And to stay positive I have also featured a couple of good products that have produced wonderful results - at reasonable prices!

Hydrating Care - Moisturizers 

I have total combination skin: oily in my T-Zone and dry on my cheeks. I love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream by day on my cheeks and sometime on my forehead. For my breakout-prone skin I first tried Avene's Tolerance Emulsion and then Garnier's Pure Hydrating Care.

The good thing about Tolerance Emulsion is that it is gentle, soothing and perfect for skin that is sensitive or breakout prone. The bad thing about Tolerance is the awful packaging! They don't want air or dirt to get into the product, so you have to REALLY squeeze the tube to get any amount of lotion to come out. I have strong hands and I was squeezing VERY hard and of course, a MASSIVE amount of product (mostly wasted) shot out of the tube. I tried it for a few weeks and could never just get a small amount squeezed out. You can see the squeeze-beating the tube took below.

If only I could squeeze this out easily! 

Nice product, bad packaging Avene!

Moving on to a gem of a product that I found at the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale: Garnier's Pure Hydrating Care - Long-Lasting Shine Control Moisturizer. Even oily skin that breaks out needs hydration. In fact, when you over use anti blemish cream (zit cream) you will frequently dry out that area and even get flaky, dry patches. This comes to your rescue - you can safely hydrate without worrying about putting oil on your skin. My breakouts have almost disappeared since using this. I only use it on my chin and around my mouth - my breakout area. 

Fabulous Hydration for Oily Skin!

I love it and highly recommend it - and it is a great price! Hopefully you can still find this at most drug stores - Garnier sometimes repackages and re-brands their products. I hope they keep this one as it really works!


Now when you want to cover up mild breakouts and combination skin you reach for foundations. 

I tried Lancome's Miracle Cushion Liquid Compact Foundation and did not like it at all! They sell it as buildable coverage, but even with 2 layers of this on, you would think I was bare faced. It is probably the only foundation I have totally given up on and tossed out in years. I can usually give one I don't like to a friend, but this was utterly useless. I know Lancome has recently launched a new Cushion compact that promises more coverage, but I'm not even tempted to try it. Lancome makes some amazing concealers, so I will still try Lancome in the future, but we're on a break now! 

Worst Foundation I have tried in years!

Nice packaging, bad product. I applied 2 LAYERS of the Lancome to my nose below - barely covers and it seems to clog my pores. NOT impressed!

2 Layers of Lancome

For a good product - see below ALMAY Clear Complexion Makeup! It helps clear and prevent blemishes as it conceals and evens out your complexion with the use of salicylic acid - one of the best pore un-clogging ingredients in the skincare world. 

LOVE this - so great for blemish-free skin!

Almay products can be found at most drug stores. If you check out their range, also look for their AMAZING Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks - they are like Cotton Swabs literally injected with eye makeup remover. You snap off one end and the product flows to the swab at the opposite end. I love to use them at the end of the work day to tidy up my under eye area. Thanks AlMAY!

Tidy up your under eye area after work!

Well, this was the longest I have gone between posts! Hope it was a good balance of positive and critical. I'm here to share my honest and informed opinion. Make up and skincare are fabulous tools to help you look and feel your best. Experiment and have fun!

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