Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Best Eye Makeup Remover is: MAKE UP FOR EVER SENS'EYES

The World's Best Eye Makeup Remover!

I used to be satisfied with Lancome's Bi-Facil Double Action Makeup Remover for removing my waterproof eye makeup. You soaked a cotton pad with Bi-Facil, gently removed your mascara, but were left with an oily residue. Then one day, I was at Sephora testing out MUFE's Aqua Liner - their incredibly long lasting felt-tip liquid liner. It sure stayed on...and on. I tried using Bi-Facil to remove this durable liner. It wouldn't budge. Did I mention that MUFE's Aqua line was originally created for the French Synchronized Swim Team? It is hard-core waterproof. 

Sensitive Eyes? Try this ultra-efficient remover.

I removed the rest of my makeup, finished my evening skin care routine and decided to go back to the MUFE counter at Sephora the next day. I wondered if the Aqua range came with its very own Aqua remover. An artist with MUFE showed me their SENS'EYES Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. The pale blue, creamy texture indeed made me think it would be suitable for sensitive eyes and skin. But wait...sensitive? I needed a hard core remover to take off what appeared to be permanent marker on my eyelids! Then I dabbed the creamy blue lotion onto a cotton pad and gently rubbed my eyelids. I looked down at the pad and the black liner was all over the cotton pad and no longer on my lids. There was no tugging required, there was no discernible fragrance, and my eyelids actually felt gently soothed by this product. 

I want to use words like "gentle" and "sensitive" to describe this product, but the fact of the matter is that SENS'EYES will remove the thickest, blackest most waterproof liner and mascara you own inrecord time. If you have ever made a mistake attempting to get that perfect winged out eyeliner - you will appreciate how quickly this product will erase those mistakes. For precision removal, simply dip a cotton swab in this magical blue liquid. Enjoy!

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