Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sleek Blush for Coral Nights or that Downton Abbey English Rose Look!

From Coral Spice to Pink is Nice - There's a Look for You!

In this fast paced world of electronic messaging, I love nothing more than coming home to a handwritten letter in my mail box. Recently, I discovered an extra special delivery from the UK in my mailbox. My stylish friend Raphaela, who lives near some of the best shops in London sent me these fabulous British Beauty Products!

Look what came in the post from ENGLAND!
The bright colours brightened a grey and wintry Canadian day. I was excited to experiment with these products I had heard so much about. I can't tell you how much time and money I would spend in the British High Street shops if only I could be transported there right now. Of course, I would also have to visit Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England so I could see where the beautiful "Downton Abbey" is filmed. While I dream of visiting England, I need to practice my spring makeup looks for day and night. 

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Lace

The Sleek MakeUp "Blush By 3 Palette" in "Lace" is a product that has been on my wish list for ages now. The palette contains 3 complementary colours and they are RICHLY pigmented! Apply this blush palette with a light hand, and I would advise using a large, fluffy brush to softly distribute the blush. 

If you want a hot coral look, pair the deeper blush shades with a bright red lip. The middle shade in the "Lace" trio is very similar to NARS "Orgasm" as it is a strong peachy pink with a touch of gold shimmer. 

Wearing the Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace as well as 2 of the Primark lip products.

The peachy and coral shades of the Lace palette inspired me to go red....for a day! As you can see from the photo above, the coral shades work well with even the most intense red hair. I paired the Sleek blush palette with a fairly strong red lip. Above, I am wearing the Primark Lip Stain Pen - it gave me a wonderful "berry" stained look, as though I had been eating raspberries all afternoon. To warm it up, I topped it with one of the Primark mini Lip Glosses in the warmer red shade.

Lipstick and mini lip glosses from Primark! Perfect for a tiny handbag.

And now for a different look with the same blush, but a lighter application. Have you been enjoying the visual feast known as Downton Abbey? Each time I see Lady Mary's porcelain complexion, I make a mental note to increase my SPF lotion from 30 to 45, and I look for the perfect soft pink lip. Unlike Lady Mary, I look sleep deprived if I forgo liquid liner, so I have added it to my  "English Rose" inspired look below. 

Downton Abbey meets a dash of liquid liner! 

If you have applied too much blush, you can easily fix that by dipping your blush brush in some face powder to soften the look. The lip look above features the Primark Lip Stain Pen topped with the pale pink Moisturizing Lip Gloss Crayon. The Moisturizing Lip Gloss Crayon also features little sparkly bits, so it can look a bit frosty worn alone. See what happens below when I add the "Barbie" pink Primark gloss! The gloss is really pink, but because the base colour is not too intense, it offers a softer look. And look how well the pink lips work with the peachy blush of the Lace palette - yes - it is the same blush as featured in the look above with the red hair.  

Primark lip gloss in a Barbie pink shade changes the look again.

I have kept my eye makeup fairly neutral in both looks. I am just wearing ivory and sandy eyeshadows, Lancome mascara and a soft purple liquid liner. 

Simply changing your "lip look" can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and even your mood. A strong red lip makes a confident statement! A softer pink lip is the perfect choice for a weekend brunch, or even a job interview. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with new colours! Places like Primark in the UK, or Target in North America offer a wide range of high quality cosmetics at very affordable prices. If you want to change your makeup look in seconds flat, makeup wipes are your best bet. You can try the Primark Beauty "4 in 1" Deep Facial Cleansing wipes if your are in the UK. If you live in North America, try the Neutrogena All in One Makeup Remover Wipes. The wipes are also very refreshing and are wonderful to use after a workout. 

Try changing your lip colour every other day next week and see how many compliments you'll get. Don't get stuck in a beauty rut. Change it up for Spring and have fun! 

Find some of these products below!

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