Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Brows Don't Just Frame Your Face - They Rock!

A Review of 2 Rock Solid Brow Products

It's amazing what you can find when you decide to do a little "Spring Cleaning" of your makeup kit. Of course, like many of the makeup-obsessed, I don't just have a makeup kit, I have an entire apartment full of makeup on every tabletop and in every drawer. 

Although I just purchased the new "Take a Brow" eyebrow palette from Quo's Spring 2013 "The Edge of Opulence" collection,  as I cleaned, I giggled with delight to find a long-lost gem: my MAC "Lingering" eyebrow pencil.

I decided to compare both products.  

MAC "Lingering" pencil vs. Quo "Take A Brow" palette

First, let's have a look at the beautiful packaging from Quo's "Take A Brow" eyebrow palette. This is from their Spring 2013 "The Edge of Opulence" collection. The white packaging has a quilted feature and although small (and compact!) it contains a mirror and a surprisingly good quality double-ended angle brush. Extra points for opulent packaging. Makes me want to fly down to Palm Springs. 

I should mention that this is the second time I have picked up an eyebrow palette from a limited edition Quo collection. I also have the brow palette from last year's fall collection in faux reptile skin. Here's a photo of my 2 Quo eyebrow palettes. One for Palm Springs....and one for autumn nights. 

First up: Quo's "Take a Brow" limited edition palette. 

Quo's limited edition "Take a Brow" palettes...old and new.

Here is an example of a look using a blend of the light and dark powders from the Quo palette (no wax at this point)

Using a blend of the 2 powders from the Quo palette.

Now here it is with the wax added - wax helps to set the colour in place, and also tames the little brow hairs. 

Using both powders AND wax from the Quo palette.

Quo's "Take a Brow" Spring 2013 palette

And for the face-off: MAC brow pencil in "Lingering"

Using MAC's "Lingering" pencil

The colour is much lighter than my hair, but I don't like to use a very dark brown on my brows - it can be too harsh. This shade reminds me of Dior's "Universal Brown" - a cult favourite. The self-sharpening pencil allows me to fill in my brows with fine strokes. 

MAC self-sharpening brow pencil in "Lingering"

Final Thoughts: I like the control and precision that I get from MAC's "Lingering" brow pencil. The "fill in" factor really appeals to me. But, I like my options, and the Quo "Take a Brow" palette offers the 2 shades of brow powder. For a more dramatic, intense effect, I need the darker powder, and to set it, the wax is a must-have. 

So, of course, I must have BOTH and because the MAC pencil is so slim, it goes in my purse for when I am "on the go" and the Quo palette stays in my bathroom makeup drawer....unless I want to take it out to lunch and show my girlfriends that "opulent" white packaging. 

There you go - they're both FABULOUS!

You can find Quo's "Take A Brow" palette for $10.00 (CAN) at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.

MAC's "Lingering" brow pencil priced at aprox $19.00 (CAN) can be found at MAC stores globally.


  1. I like the slightly softer look the Quo duo gives your brows but overall I think the MAC pencil just looks a tad more polished.

    Personally I'm loving the Brow Fluidline Gel they brought out recently (LE of course!)

    1. I think the Brow Fluidline Gel is perfect for my more dramatic looks. It also looks like it would stay on through anything...snow, wind, rain...sad movies....Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out

  2. The nice thing about a lighter brow powder is that you can use the wax to not only set it, but the wax will darken the shade of powder.

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